Friday, 15 December 2017
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Tourism Videos
A fine selction of videos related to tourism (in the widest aspects).
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THAT makes East Frisia GREAT again! Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 694
Get involved! Support the Sea Gypsies! Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 1256
2015_tourism_management_student_video_about_flight_delays Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 1452
ADTW Tourism e-kit Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3732
Scarlot Road Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3644
SDT2012 - 1st Conference on Service Design and Tourism. Innsbruck/Austria, August 23-24 2012. Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 2964
1st. Nordic Conference on Service Design and Service Innovation 2010 Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 2807
The Way Home (to our heritage and nature!) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4025
News about the wrecked Costa Concordia - Al Jazeera Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3659
Cruise ship desater - Costa Concordia crash 2012 Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3677
Health Tourism in India - CNN Video 2009 Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3075
Health Tourism in Hungary - CNN Video 2011 Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3091
Dark Tourism (... a Tourism Student's Persepktive in 2011) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3176
UNCTAD - Sustainable Tourism for Development Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3546
Tunesias Tourism in Crisis - 2011 Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 2979
Tourism Development in Afghnistan - 2011 Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3306
African House Girl - Story Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4479
RoadBandit Itroduction Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3535
A TomorrowLand view on GPS navigation Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4444
Japan Tsunami Desaster Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3964
The intercultural enjoyment! Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4575
The Future of Downtown Parking Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4239
USA - The No-Paid-Vacation-Country Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3844
Adventure Tourism ATTA-Webinar Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 6718
The Fuelfilm Trailer Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4678
The impact of web 2.0 and social media on destination branding - A Pecha Kucha Presentation Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 5879
Greenpeace 'rub out' Cabo de Gata hotel in Spain. Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4494
The Happy Penguin! - Or, what tourists are good for! Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 5540
The global climate is changing: The Bahamas - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4244
Arctic in Peril - A Year of Global Warming in Photos Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4221
Global Warming Melts Arctic - the Greenland Case - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3995
New threats to Greenland's Inuits - 21 Sep 07 - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4327
Inside Story - South Asia monsoon rains - 07 Aug 07 - Part 2 - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3909
Poland: Climate Change and the Energy Crisis - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3728
Climate Change - Bangkok is sinking - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3634
TOUR INSIDE FAVELA - ROCINHA TOURISM WORKSHOP - REJANE REIS - Video 1 Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3573
The Great Wall of China under thread by tourists and locals Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4072
Where have all the children gone - Aging Germany - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3002
The Tipping Point - Climate Change in the Arctic Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3306
Tourism puts Mexico's reefs at risk - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3049
The Renaissance of Timbuktu - Timbuktu scribes (2) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 2896
Meltdown Fiji - Kabara Island will disapear Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 4867
Mongolia's Ninja Miners - Video Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3821
The Fate of Rural Migrant Workers in China (1) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3289
The Fate of Rural Migrant Workers in China (2) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3183
Meltdown Australia - the Great Barrier Reef under Thread (2) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3244
Meltdown Australia - the Great Barrier Reef under Thread (1) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 3356
Life and Death of Bolivian Child Miners (2) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 2925
Life and Death of Bolivian Child Miners (1) Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 2751
The New Romantic Worlds of China's Youth Joachim Willms [Managing Director] 2951
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