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2009 NRPA Leisure Research Symposium, Salt Lake City, USA, 14.-18.10.2009 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joachim Willms [Managing Director]   
Call For Abstracts

Salt Lake City, UT
October 14-18, 2008
Dana Kivel and Heather Gibson, LRS Co-Chairs
Mary Ann Devine, LRS Poster Coordinator
The NRPA Leisure Research Symposium provides an international forum for scholarly exchange and discussion about leisure. The Symposium includes both theoretical and applied research that transcends disciplinary boundaries. Papers may address leisure behavior, structural and cultural aspects of leisure and leisure studies, or applied research directed at the recreation professions.
Papers are presented either as posters or as formal paper presentations. All abstracts receive the same rigorous, double blind review without consideration of presentation format. Abstracts for both types of presentations are included in an electronic published book of abstracts.
Abstracts reporting empirical studies should contain subheadings identifying an introduction, methods, results, and discussion; only completed studies should be submitted. Abstracts reporting conceptual and theoretical discussions should also have an effective set of subheadings. Abstracts cannot exceed three pages, single spaced (see instructions on the online submission form). Because of this extreme limitation, it is imperative that abstracts are written carefully and provide a coherent overview of the paper that will be presented.
New For this Year - We are inviting researchers to submit proposals for a symposium style presentation that includes three (3) papers addressing one central theme and a response paper from a discussant (see instructions for submitting a symposium).
  1. Only completed studies or scholarly discussions may be submitted.

  2. Only studies that have not been previously published or presented at another professional conference may be submitted. Papers that ask the same question(s), use the same analysis, or develop the same logical argument as previous publications or presentations are not eligible.

  3. Two or more abstracts from the same study cannot be submitted to different sessions under different titles/authorship unless substantially different aspects of the study are represented in each paper.

  4. Abstracts undergo blind peer review by three reviewers with expertise in the topical area to which the abstract was submitted. The Symposium Co-Chairs make final decisions about acceptance, but typically adhere to the recommendations of the reviewers. Papers may be rejected due to time and space limitations, ineffective development of the 3 page abstract, violation of conditions 2 or 3 (above), or weaknesses in the study itself.

  5. Authors who have their abstracts accepted are expected to deliver their presentations as assigned during the Symposium. Please do not submit an abstract unless you are committed to attending the Symposium. Failure adhere to this guideline in 2009 will preclude a researcher from presenting at the 2010 LRS. 

  6. Authors’ names may not appear on more than two (2) LRS abstracts/proposals of any kind (i.e., authors are limited to two possible presentations in the LRS regardless of co-authorship or type of presentation e.g. oral, poster or symposium). The only exception to this limit is for an advisor to a student who is submitting an LRS abstract, in which case, the advisor position must be clearly indicated in the author section of the submission. In this case, the first author must be a student and registered at their institution as such at the time of the abstract submission deadline.

  7. New For this Year:   We are inviting researchers to submit proposals for a symposium style presentation that includes three (3) papers addressing one central theme and a response paper from a discussant (see instructions for submitting a symposium). 

  8. Fully complete the requested information in the online form and submit the abstract electronically to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it no later than January 26, 2009. Abstracts submitted after this deadline will be returned without review.
1. Abstract: 

A. Three pages maximum (136 lines total) including all discussion, tables, and figures. Abstracts exceeding this page limit will not be reviewed. A reference list is recommended but not required (see below).  The text of the abstract may not exceed onto a fourth page.

B. Use 12-point font Times Roman and one inch margins on sides, top and bottom. 

C. New for this year - Add line numbering to the abstract.

(In Word, go to File, Page Setup, Layout, Line Numbering, select "Add Line Numbering", "Start at" 1, "From text" Auto, "Count by" 1, and select the Numbering to be "Continuous").

D. Single space the text.

E. Abstracts must have a title that reflects the general nature of the abstract in 10 or fewer words

F. Use appropriate subheadings.

G. Remove author identification in properties

(In Word, go to File, then properties, summary and remove author name).

H. Tracking changes must not be readable.

I. Abstracts that do not meet all specifications will be rejected from further consideration.

2. Reference List:
A. A list of references not exceeding one-page (46 lines total) should be listed in a document separate from the abstract if submitting a 3-page abstract.
B. The list of references must follow the same font and margin format as specified above for abstracts.
C. References list should be formatted according to Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition).

3. Symposium Submission Instructions
A. The symposium organizer will be responsible for convening the symposium and moderating it. PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR THE SYMPOSIUM SUBMISSION PROCESS, WE ARE ASKING FOR four, ONE-PAGE abstracts, one from the symposium organizer – see “B” below and one from each of the three participants) written in accordance with the LRS guidelines (single-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins, title etc.) should be collected by the symposium organizer. Abstracts should provide sufficient detail as to the proposed paper contents.
(PLEASE NOTE: The discussant’s paper does not need to be submitted at this time, but will be included in the electronic book of abstracts.)
B. The symposium organizer should also submit a one page abstract providing an introduction to the theme and summarizing the main points of the papers.
C. The symposium organizer will be responsible for writing the learning objectives for the session for CEUs.

4. Specification of Section & Presentation:

A. Specify a specific thematic area (one only from the eight thematic areas that are listed below) in which the abstract should be reviewed.
B. The author’s preference for presentation format. Indicate one of the following:
 (a) poster only
 (b) prefer poster but would do formal presentation
 (c) prefer formal presentation but would do poster
 (d) formal presentation only
 (e) symposium presentation
Note: Reviewers are not aware of the stated presentation preference. This information in conjunction with time and space limitations is used by the Symposium Co-Chairs when establishing the final conference schedule.
5. Contact information:
A. Principal author's name (includes symposium organizer), institutional affiliation, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e mail address. It is assumed that, unless otherwise specified, this person will make the presentation if the abstract is accepted.
B. Full name and institutional affiliation of all co authors.
C. The principal author's contact information over the summer (June 1 to Aug. 31), if different from above.
6. Correspondence regarding abstract.
A. Authors will be notified of abstract receipt and review results via email.
In the form, please identify a theme (see list below) – select the most appropriate for your paper.

These areas reflect the reviewers’ areas of interest and expertise. Papers accepted for presentation may be further re grouped into additional thematic sessions for the Symposium.
  1. Sustainability (e.g., environmental issues, sustainable tourism, ecotourism, etc.)
  2. Leisure, Children and Adolescents 
  3. Leisure and Aging 
  4. Physicality and Physical Activity (e.g. obesity, healthy lifestyles, activities in various communities, etc.)
  5. Travel and Tourism 
  6. Community Development (e.g., municipal recreation, community resources; building community)
  7. Social justice/social change/inclusive leisure (e.g., leisure and issues of race/racism, gender/sexism, ability/disability)
  8. Other (topics the authors feel do not fit any of the above categories)

Please note: You will be notified that we have received your proposal within seven days of its electronic submission.

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