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...ustomers. What does research say about this? Despite the growing literature, still little is known about climate change impacts, vulnerability and the role and effects of adaptation and mitigation...

...World addresses six major themes: the U.S. Arctic Council chairmanship program; policy implications of climate change for the nations with Arctic interests; implementation of the polar code; the...

3. New Publication
(Online Publications/Travel & Tourism Magazines)
...acific Islands, suggest strategies that governments and aid groups can take to prepare for this powerful climate event.   ...

..., social entrepreneurship) The role of consumers in C(S)R C(S)R and environmental responsibilities (eg., climate change, biodiversity conservation, water resources) C(S)R and social responsibiliti...

...bsp;      The Future of Tourism ·         Climate Change and Natural Disasters ·         The Ef...

6. East-West-Center - Publication Update 01-2015
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
... New Publications Disaster and Climate Change Preparedness in American Sāmoa: A Handbook for Communities by Katie Corle...

...ness ·      Tourism and the environment ·      Climate change and tourism ·      Economic analysis of tourism ...' and other lifestyle changes and niche markets ·         Climate change and sea level rise ·         Im...

...s an approach to life- a mindset and an attitude. Vision "Contribute to creating an entrepreneurial climate in the region by having an entrepreneurial culture and ensure an unabated supply of...

10. CfP: Special Issue of Tourism Recreation Research, 2013
(Online Publications/Online Journals)
...d meet that forecast given the issues of ageing populations, peak oil, the global financial crisis and climate change?  Who will be the future tourist? Has the world the right policy option...

... spot, while at the same time promote academic discussion. Since Japan in August has a very hot and humid climate, we will limit our outdoor time to half a day and spent the rest indoors with prese...      Chair: Hans Hopfinger (Eichstätt, Germany) Tourism, sustainability and climate change: policy responses for climate change adaptation in Botswana Jarkko Saarinen (O...

...rategies Tourism as a tool of development Emergent strategies for tourism development Environmental issues Climate change and the effects of natural hazards in tourism Tourism and protected areas Art,...

...urce challenges for tourism development in polar regions; ·      Tourism and climate change in the polar regions; ·      Community commitmen...

...velopment Alternative Forms of Tourism Impacts of Tourism Sustainable Development Environmental Issues and Climate Change Crisis Management Transportation & Travel Airlines Gastronomy and Wine To...

16. ICOT 2012, Archanes, Crete, Greece, 23.-26.05.2012
(Conferences/Past Conferences)
...portation and Tourism Authenticity and Commodification Tourism Education The Future of Tourism Climate Change and Natural Disasters The effects of Crime, Terrorism, Safety and Security ...

... sector, but also spa tourism concepts that include natural resources such as hot and mineral springs, climate and natural surroundings as significant attraction factors.   Suggested...

CITIES AT RISK: ASIA'S COASTAL CITIES IN AN AGE OF CLIMATE CHANGE by Roland J. Fuchs Asia Pacific Issues, No. 96, Publisher: Honolulu: East-West Center, Publication Date: July 2010, Binding: paper, P

...c Journal of Tourism Research  Assessing impacts and building resilience: The implications of climate change on tourism in the Asia Pacific region Climate Change is an issue th...

20. International LAB on the Future of Tourism
(News & Newsfeeds/Latest)
... An immersed experience of a Do-tank ... in a world of climate change and economical reshape ... In this two-day lab program ...

... Environmental risks and natural distastes Social and economic risks and dependencies Ocean climate change Host-Guest relations Globalisation and island tourism Resort development Cr...

...s below: What research will emerge in Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Events Management in a changing climate? <!-- @page P A:link A.western:link A.cjk:link A.ctl...

...from various directions. Geopolitical struggle over resources and growing concern regarding the impacts of climate change on polar environments are only two reasons for the increasing awareness direct...

...manifest at the global and the very local level. Relevant issues for this session articulate tourism with climate, poverty, geo-political tensions, demographic changes (population growth, aging), ec...

...sp;     Flora and fauna management ·        Climate change and the future for rainforest tourism ·     &n...

26. CESifo World Economic Survey
(World: Tourism Strategies/World / United Nations)
...urrent issue: CESifo World Economic Survey August 2009 (WES 3/2009) World Economic Climate World Economic Climate improves Economic Expectations Economic expectations p...

...nts. Analyse contemporary issues, practices and future changes and challenges (such as global climate change, economic decline or policy shortcomings) in tourism development....

28. Climate change and nature-based tourism - CCRR2008
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Climate Change)

29. The Climate Change Challenge - Implications for the Tourism Industry
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Climate Change)

...s deeply influenced by its changing physical and social environments and larger processes such as global climate change. The current global economic credit crisis has, in addition, underlined the i...

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