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...rketing, industry structure / analysis, legal aspects, marketing strategies. Experiences - experiential consumption and innovative culinary experiences, cultural aspects, fascination of culin...

...extual focus on tourism and hospitality services: Customer evaluations of complaint handling experiences Post-consumption emotions and perceived justice Customer evaluations of travel/tourism/hospita...

... (geography, business, environmental economics, regional economics). The main themes of the workshop concern consumption behaviour, tourism demand, recreation demand, rural tourism, sustainability...

Bursaries for PhD Students and Post-doctoral Researchers     Urban Planning and Tourism Consumption: 160 Years for the Ringstraße in Vienna (1857-2017) November 20-23, 2016. Hebrew Univ

... Consumer behavior nowadays represents the major research stream in marketing as product choice and consumption are key to business success and to a better comprehension of human beings...

...bsite 29-1 Dec New Zealand Tourism & Hospitality Research Conference (NZTHRC) – Sustainable Consumption in Tourism & Hospitality: Fact, Faith & Fiction? –  Christchurch New Z...

7. Special Journal Issue on Digital Destinations
(Online Publications/Online Journals)
...ecial Issue on Digital Destinations Innovation in digital technologies and Web 2.0 has transformed tourism consumption and experiences within destinations. Tourists are able to engage with des... places of former conflicts that have, over time, been trans­formed into key sites for memory, education and consumption, or even commodification. The multidisciplinary conference considers the soci...

...ssues Retailing Strategy Tourism, Hospitality and Events Accounting and Finance Consumer Behaviour Culture and Consumption Innovation Fashion Technology and innovation   Track Conveners* Fa...

... agricultural and productive functions, the potential development of the countryside as a place of hedonic consumption, all coupled with numerous management issues. The list of issues is enormou...

...or changes such as (1) mergers and acquisitions and strategic alliances; (2) structural shifts in the style of consumption and fruition through a replacement of a Fordist model of production/consumpti...

...cades, the tourism industry is characterised by a rapid development, the use of mass elements, and the visual consumption. The domination of the mass model of tourism development has led to the det...

... considerable amount of suitable structures and infrastructures, it determines the various requirements of consumption according to the common needs of the region and the ones specifically requi...

...other worlds. These leisure spaces also draw on and embrace aspects of popular culture in their production and consumption (e.g. films, music, sport, food etc). Papers are invited which consider leis...

..., postcards ‐Different media stakeholders: media, photographers, blogs etc. + ASPECTS OF RECEPTION AND CONSUMPTION OF IMAGINARIES ‐The influences of imaginaries in the choice of destin...

...ents and ever-increasing technologies of media communication, the possibilities of production and subsequent consumption are unequivocally changing the ways in which tourists imagine, understand an... in the changing destination marketplace. The combined forces of growing competition, changing patterns of consumption and slowing economic growth in much of the world, suggest that the next deca...   of  culturally  profiling  their  citizens?  How will  the consumption of  the Other or the exotic by a fast growing Asian tourism market ...

...ed to suit the needs and the tastes of tourists. Yet, as places and practices become designated for economic consumption they are frequently further divorced from the lives of locals and from their ...

20. Barbados: Linking development, indigenous entrepreneurship and Tourism
(Indigenous Tourism/CARIBBEAN ISLANDS - Indigenous Tourism)
...Corporation. Williams, A. M., G. Shaw, and J. Greenwood (1989). From Tourist to Tourism Entrepreneurs, From Consumption to Production: Evidence from Cornwall, England. Tourism Research Group. Depa...

21. TF & Carbon Offsetting
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
...and also companies. Offsets may be cheaper or more convenient alternatives to reducing one's own fossil-fuel consumption. However, some critics object to carbon offsets, and many have questioned th...

22. Senator Migden Unveils Legislation Requiring Labeling
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...ed legislation which would require that milk and meat products from cloned animals that are intended for human consumption be clearly labeled. The legislation, SB 63, was the focus of a State Capit...

23. Eating Sustainable Seafood - Three Tips to Steer Clear of Fisheries Collapse
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
The world’s fish populations are increasingly endangered from overfishing, pollution, and overconsumption. A study late last year reported that major fish species, including tuna, scallops, lob

...and ever increasing misery and poverty. The unique characteristic feature of tourism is where production and consumption take place at the destination making it free from institutional restrictions...

...produce more than 350 million metric tons of carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, aircraft transport boasts greater fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions per ton-mile than any other mode of transport. A...

26. Searching for more sustainable options
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...nd services. World-renowned economists like Sir Nicholas Stern are telling us that greatly reducing our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is critical to having a healthy economy in the n...

27. China Focusing on Long-term Achievement of Energy-Efficiency Goal
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
...tional People’s Congress on Monday, the Chinese government vowed to stick to its goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by 20 percent by 2010, despite faili...

...lays of community life in destinations visited. Such tourism typically features the packaging, promotion and consumption of diaspora community neighbourhoods, food and shopping and importantly fest...

29. British Columbians want labelling of genetically modified foods
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...intains the integrity of organic food and processed products through each step of the process from planting to consumption. * It reduces energy use in the various stages of production. Certified org...

30. Environmental Effects Of Livestock Production Increasingly Serious
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...; Large-scale livestock operations provide most of the meat and meat products consumed around the world–consumption that is growing at a record pace and is projected to double by 2050, said sym...

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