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... of Tourism and Hospitality Experiences. Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative for international and domestic tourism and hospitality industry issues. Role of Higher Education in the developmen... and their ‘hosts’ (Smith, 1989; Yamashita, 2004), but also those local to the region, based on a rise in domestic and intra-regional travel (Winter et al., 2009). However, tourism has also caused i...

...initiatives to embrace them as part of collective memory, pedagogy and/or as local heritage attractions for domestic and international visitors. Every year thousands, sometimes millions, of people vis...

...onference in the Lake District, one of England’s most enduringly popular rural tourism destinations amongst domestic and international visitors alike, we would particularly welcome papers that, from a...

5. Haiti - shaken by history and hazards - A viewpoint by Sir Hilary Beckles
(Globalization and Tourism Content/World Heritage)
... foreign exchange earnings. Jamaica today pays up to 70 per cent in order to service its international and domestic debt. Haiti was crushed by this debt payment. It descended into financial and soci...

...ism and historians in their own right. The horizontal relations of tourism evolution within leisure, domestic tourism, cross-border and international tourism may coincide in the same social, s...

...irport. Local television reported that a grenade had been fired at Don Mueang airport, the capital's domestic hub, which has been occupied by the anti-government People's Alliance for Democrac...

8. Barbados: Linking development, indigenous entrepreneurship and Tourism
(Indigenous Tourism/CARIBBEAN ISLANDS - Indigenous Tourism) benefits, such as the accumulation of foreign exchange earnings, employment, and backward linkages for domestic and regional diversification to the peripheral destination. However, the structure...

9. The impact of sea level rise on developing countries: a comparative analysis
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Climate Change)
... The following indicators were used to assess SLR impacts: land area affected population affected gross domestic product (GDP) changes urban impact (based on area) agricultural impact (based on a...

10. The impact of sea level rise on developing countries: a comparative analysis
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
... The following indicators were used to assess SLR impacts: land area affected population affected gross domestic product (GDP) changes urban impact (based on area) agricultural impact (based on a...

11. Domestic Airline Mergers in 20 Nations
(TF: Airlines & Airports/Airline Management)

... sites, destination branding. Emerging markets - topics could include: new and emerging international and domestic demand patterns with a focus on key enablers such as low cost air travel; 'grey n...

...nd provide for living expenses). These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and are open to both domestic and international applicants. The Tourism Department has obtained 15 of these schol...

14. Intute: Travel & Tourism Search Engine
(Research Tools/TF: Library Tools)
...e, meetings and incentive travel Cultural and heritage tourism Dark tourism Disabled travel Domestic tourism Economics of tourism Enclave/resort tourism Expeditions and...

15. AUS: South Australia - Tourism Plans & Strategies 2003 - 2010
(World: Tourism Strategies/Australia and Ozeania)
... South Australia wine tourism strategy 2004-2008 Outlines strategies to reinforce our domestic position and sets the scene for taking our offer to the next level - developing an...

... Kerala has experienced very rapid growth in visitor numbers, with around 6 million domestic and 0.5 million international visitors in 2006; the WTTC has identified K...

17. Imported Pollution Adds to China?s Environmental Woes
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
...ade, China is in fact struggling against an undercurrent of imported waste. The country, already laden with domestic pollution, is rapidly becoming the planet?s largest garbage dump, facing a huge inf...

18. ELIC - Language Service for Asia
(Serve and travel/Serve and travel - Destination Asia)
...eachers raise their own financial support to serve overseas. Teachers in China receive a monthly salary in domestic currency from their host institution, which is more than enough to cover basic liv...

19. Australian Tourism Analysis
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization- News)
...a, where visitors to spas can also enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities. Some seventy per cent of domestic spa visitors to the state go to Melbourne. Most domestic spa visitors in Victoria t...

20. Alberta oil industry gets eco-trust green bucks
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has dipped into his Conservative government’s new eco fund for the second time in three days, announcing $155.9 million to help Alberta on the climate change front.

21. China Focusing on Long-term Achievement of Energy-Efficiency Goal
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
... Monday, the Chinese government vowed to stick to its goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by 20 percent by 2010, despite failing to meet last year’s annu...

22. Coastal Tourism Initiative, Durban, SA
(World: Tourism Strategies/Africa)
...m and respective Councillors with sufficient information to enable decisions to be taken regarding: . Which domestic and foreign tourist market segments eThekwini Municipality should be targeting; . T...

23. Few countries expected to experience catastrophic impacts from sea level rise
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Climate Change News)
...e. The following indicators were used to assess SLR impacts: land area affected population affected gross domestic product (GDP) changes urban impact (based on This paper assess the consequences of ...

24. Zimbabwe Becomes Africa's 5th top destination
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization- News) tourist industry suffered a major recession about 4 years ago. It came at a time of political unrest and domestic violence. Nowadays, the focus is more upon Zimbabwe's positive assets. Tourism dire...

25. India Could Lose Tourists Because of High Hotel Rooms Prices
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization- News)
...illion foreign tourists in the country last year but the real important customers are Indians themselves as domestic travel accounted for 75.1% of all guests in 2005-06.Travellers to India face seriou...

26. Domestic Airline Mergers in Twenty Nations
(TF: Airlines & Airports/Airline Management)
International Study: "The International Drivers of Domestic Airline Mergers in Twenty Nations: Integrating Industrial Organization and International Business" by Joseph A. Clougherty ABSTRACT The

27. China Sets Water-Saving Goal to Tackle Looming Water Crisis
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
... of Construction jointly released a water-saving plan to cut the nation’s water use per unit of gross domestic product (GDP) by 20 percent within five years. read more Earlier this month, China&...

28. Environmental Effects Of Livestock Production Increasingly Serious
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...s well as 37 percent of methane emissions–primarily gas from the digestive system of cattle and other domesticated ruminants–and 65 percent of nitrous oxide gases, mostly from manure. =&gt...

29. What areas are most at risk of natural disasters? Maps and data
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Climate Change News)
...k levels are estimated by combining hazard exposure with historical vulnerability with population and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per unit This synthesis report summarises the findings of the Global ...

30. Carbon-Offsetting for Travel
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...fied Carbon Credits and Voluntary Carbon Credits * Better World Club offers free carbon offsets on two domestic and one international flight each year to members who book plane tickets through it...

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