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...ed at the United Nations in 2015, urge governments, industry and communities alike to engage in direct efforts to work in more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable ways. As one...

...icate about sustainability issues? How to raise awareness and to involve customers in the sustainability efforts. The focus of our collaborative Think Tank is on the joint production of outputs incl...

...ields on Tourism to share different perspectives to tackle the complexity of reality, joining together efforts to analyze, evaluate and predict future situations. The Conference will generate ...

...ultural and environmental challenges confronting tourism businesses, but provide an insight into CSR efforts, for instance, in the accommodation and transportation sectors as well as by to...

5. Tourism SPECTRUM - free download
(Online Publications/Online Journals)
...cial science. In this role, Tourism spectrum both structures and is structured by the research efforts of a multidisciplinary community of scholars. The Journal is published ...

...é for optimism. But it is precisely care—for our students, our communities, our planet—that unites our efforts at knowledge production and transmission with a larger sense of purpose. Knowing wh...

...s operative in the locality. Focus In the initial years amongst others the centre would focus its efforts on three relatively untouched issues in the region- Service entrepreneurship, women e...

... will allow us to walk through town in the evening when most tourists have left. We will also learn about efforts do diversify tourism through the promotion of nature based tourism and the revitaliz...

9. The Way Home (to our heritage and nature!)
(Video Section/Tourism Videos)
... Angeles-based senior church group whose members are looking to reverse that trend. Learn more about efforts to bring more diverse visitors to the parks at http://www.npca.org/news/magazine/all-...

...d its comprehension is essential to understand the current way of life. Recently, intensive scientific efforts have been invested in better understanding this phenomenon. At the same time and li...

... paper. 13.     To facilitate the blind peer review process, authors should make efforts to ensure that information about the authors' identities do not appear anywhere i...

...imassol Cooperative Savings Bank. The organizing committee of the conference has made tremendous efforts to put together an excellent conference package and thus offer to all conference dele...

... of Martinique to see coastal island development, from traditional villages to all-inclusive resorts and efforts at sustainable tourism and environmental conservation. ...

...inable rural tourism product development and implementation. Sharing this knowledge is intended to improve efforts toward economic diversification via tourism. The conference includes a number of for...

...nternational Tourism Session 8: BUSINESS MEETING The business meeting reviews a report on RC50’s efforts and results of the last four years, and elects a new board. Suggestions for candidat...

...d Nations Millennium Development Goals. The transcendence and magnitude of the journey made so far demands efforts being made on getting to know, analysing, measuring and assessing the effectiveness a...

...d the wider social sciences to join us at our 3rd CTS conference to learn and share experiences in their efforts to reconceptualise educational praxis. Conference aims: • To reach out to cr...

18. Barbados: Linking development, indigenous entrepreneurship and Tourism
(Indigenous Tourism/CARIBBEAN ISLANDS - Indigenous Tourism)
...definition of an entrepreneur may contribute to the lack of robust entrepreneurship models" (ibid.). Such efforts, they argue, have "misdirected research efforts away from a useful theory of entrepr...

19. Indigenous Tourism Rights International: “Rethinking Tourism Certification”
(Indigenous Tourism/Global Indigenous Tourism Information)
...sms to facilitate the informed and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples in these organizations’ efforts to discuss and (if desired by the Indigenous Peoples affected) establish certificati...

20. The Berlin Declaration on ... Sustainable Tourism
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
... should be developed, taking into account the impacts on ecosystems and biological diversity. Coordinated efforts of governments, the private sector and all other stakeholders should be undertaken t...

21. IUCN-Paper: Accountability in a globalized world
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization)
...ed civil pressure is forcing governments to tackle illegal logging. What efforts are you or your organization making on the road to greater accountability? What exam...

22. Summary of COP12/MOP2 Nairobi conference on the next steps in the international effort on...
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Climate Change News)
...ernational climate effort. The following topics were discussed: the Montreal Processes future mitigation efforts, with presentations from the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), European C...

23. Global Warming Research Shows Need For Protected Areas
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Climate Change News)
... create new ones. It is the first research on the relevancy of protected areas, a mainstay of conservation efforts, in adapting to climate change. Lee Hannah, a Conservation International (CI) clima...

24. Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Climate Change News)
...ecommends a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures. However, even the most stringent mitigation efforts cannot avoid further impacts of climate change in the next few decades, which makes a...

25. Prize to Inspire Super-Efficient Vehicles
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
The non-profit X Prize Foundation, known worldwide for its efforts to encourage private spaceflight, is launching a new competition to develop super-efficient vehicles that are capable of succeeding i

26. Leaders Discuss Progress, Problems on World Water Day
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
Environmental and other leaders in water and sanitation efforts gathered in Washington, D.C. on March 22 in honor of World Water Day, which focused this year on the theme ?Coping with Water Scarcity.?

27. Alberta oil industry gets eco-trust green bucks
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...emainder will also support a project in Edmonton designed to convert municipal waste into electricity and efforts to design a coal-fired electricity plant that releases almost no emissions will also ...

28. Hydrogen bomb: Bush administration?s weapon of mass destruction
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...ality on the ground. Many analysts say the Bush administration’s plan would undermine international efforts to control the spread of nuclear arms and would provide justification to those countr...

29. Canada ecoTrust for Clean Air and Climate Change (Manitoba)
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...gram into additional communities, adding to the 300 megawatts saved to date through conservation efforts; - supporting the creation of new biodiesel plants in rural Manitoba; - i...

30. Recommendations for the future climate regime
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Climate Change News)
...adaptation to climate change. Some of the conclusions and recommendations outlined in the report include: efforts to reflect Asian concerns and aspirations in international climate negotiations are f...

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