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...eholders in the tourism sector; (5) the general improvement of security and rights for tourists. Every and each of the abovementioned factors is significantly contributing to shaping a diffe...

...Engagement with the environment, space and place -          Everyday practices of tourism and leisure -        &nbs...

...aper attend the doctoral seminar attend the publishing workshop (N.B. this excellent resource is open to everyone from student to Professor) attend the young scholars workshop (No, not you Professor!)...

...ner regions:  Bern, Graubünden, Lucerne, Rhone Alpes, South Tirol, Tirol, Trentino and Wallis. Every year the AlpNet stages the international event „theALPS“ which brings together Alpine to...

5. East-West-Center - Publication Update 01-2015
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
... ecosystems on earth. But if you've lived there long, you know that American Sāmoa and Maui (like everywhere else) are vulnerable to natural and man-made disasters. Vulnerabilities include su...

...ies, in particular world cities and national capitals. Current research interests focus on tourism and everyday life, tourism in world cities and national capitals, new tourist areas in London, ...

...e. The quality and number of proposals submitted for selection to the conference programme increases every year. Feedback from delegates informs the current guidelines and the criteria for selec...

...ollective memory, pedagogy and/or as local heritage attractions for domestic and international visitors. Every year thousands, sometimes millions, of people visit places like Auschwitz, Ground Zero, H...

9. ADTW Tourism e-kit
(Video Section/Tourism Videos)
... SA for further details. Can't find what your looking for? The Tourism e-kit is reviewed and updated every six months to ensure its on topic and relevant to industry. If you have a tutorial sugg...

...ome nice coffee shops to stop at, including our very own Jittery Joe’s Coffee. There is something for everyone in The Classic City. After visiting Athens for the first time, you will find yourse...

... universe, vastly unknown, has been revealing that all is interconnected. Timothy Morton states that everything is connected into a vast, intertangling “mesh” that flows through all dimensions o...

...bon, and from London Heathrow and Seville with Vueling. From the Airport Bus: ASICASA buses depart every 30 minutes on weekdays between 7.15am and 9.45pm, and every hour at weekends (from 8...

13. ICOT 2012, Archanes, Crete, Greece, 23.-26.05.2012
(Conferences/Past Conferences)
... posed threats and created problems that have affected destinations and local communities in virtually every corner of the world. To overcome the problems of mass tourism, many governments, busi...

...s and ‘sexual’ which although obviously related to sex, is not directly a physical act but refers to everything that, suggests, promises, and/or stimulates sex are two ‘dark’ issues that have ...

...ngly suggest that you provide more than one preferred placement for your presentation. ICASS is held every three years and is a congress of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (...

...rism Conference but also as a venue for the Wine Tourism Workshop. The Porto conference promises to be every bit as exciting as the previous conferences. We have a number of novel attractions to e...

...Zealand practice. The OE, along with the Gap Year, backpacking and other similar and emerging terms are everyday terms and phrases in many places around the world. Yet, in becoming mainstream, so th...

18. Haiti - shaken by history and hazards - A viewpoint by Sir Hilary Beckles
(Globalization and Tourism Content/World Heritage)
...eople. The people won a ten-year war, the bloodiest in modern history, and declared their independence. Every other country in the Americas was based on slavery.  Haiti was freedom, and p...

...bridities •       cosmopolitanism – openness, contradictions and the everyday •       performances of binaries such as home/away...

... dimension, articulating cross-cultural contrasts and hybridization of differences across cultures, in everyday life and leisure. Potential paper presenters are invited to send abstracts (bet...

... communities and to cultivate research, development and education in area of oenotourism. Students at every level of undergraduate and graduate study are welcome to apply. A compulsory requirement...

(News & Newsfeeds/Latest)
... stranded Australians were "becoming increasingly distressed and we understand that." But not everyone was unhappy. Three Russian men started dancing and hugging each other outside the ter...

...stodians of the marine environment. There will be opportunities to offer capacity building workshops every afternoon. Founded by Dr. Jan Auyong (Oregon State University and...

...trial, 20th Century And Independence Heritage Rural, Urban Transitions: Landscapes of the Vernacular and Everyday Heritage Heritage, Reconstruction and Reconciliation In  recent  years&nbs...

... political and environmental repercussions that affect destinations and their populations in virtually every corner of the contemporary world. In dealing with these challenges, it is imperative t...

26. Call for papers: Journal of Tourism History
(Conferences/Past Conferences)
...ets this need by providing an international outlet for the publication of articles and reviews covering every aspect of the history of tourism. It is interdisciplinary in ethos, looking outwards fro...

27. C. S.T. - Certification in Sustainable Tourism Program [Costa Rica]
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
...e interaction of the company with the local communities and the population in general. For each and every one of these items a list of specific questions was designed to help evaluate how thorou...

28. Booming Medical Tourism: No Care for Poor
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization)
Try AuctionAds India has become the world center of Medical Tourism. More and more westerners decide every year to travel to this country to receive cheap and quality medical treatment... (Read

29. Barbados: Linking development, indigenous entrepreneurship and Tourism
(Indigenous Tourism/CARIBBEAN ISLANDS - Indigenous Tourism)
...le others have latent abilities that, given the right environment, will come to the fore. However, not everyone who expresses a passing interest in entrepreneurship is an entrepreneur or has the qu...

30. tourism-review Magazine: TRANSPORT: Small Airports - Big Business
(TF: Airlines & Airports/Airport Management)
...onal airports in Europe and elsewhere? Get familiar with all of these issues solved by the airports on everyday basis. ...

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