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...s:// Facebook:   School of People, Environment and Planning Massey University – Te Kunenga ki P?rehuroa Private Ba...

...ntly adapted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and in the EU Commission’s “Action Plan for nature, people and the economy.” However, crossing disciplinary boundaries and the effective engagem...

... The educational objectives consist of different components of the most relevant social media issues. People who complete the course should be able to understand developments in social media as ...

4. Why is corporate health management so important?
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
... overall work culture at their place of employment. They are linked to raising morale and maintaining people on a positive track during negative and/or seismic change like downsizing, offshoring...

... Management. For more information about Professor Morgan please visit:   Professor Angela Roper: Angela Roper is Professor and&nb...

...Arctic interests, the book explores both negative and positive impacts on the livelihoods of northern peoples, some recent developments in the science of climate change, and the policy implicati...

.... Formed in 2006, the Institute of Place Management is the international professional body that supports people committed to developing, managing and making places better. Symposium delegates who ar...

...Netherlands. Religious heritage tourism is today an international phenomenon, involving thousands of people of different nationalities from around the world. The Conference will discuss how rel...

9. Journal of Tourism Futures
(Online Publications/Online Journals) Güçlütürk Baran (pp. 79 - 87)Keywords: Accessible tourism , Specialized travel agencies , Disabled people Type: Research paper Abstract HTML PDF (146 KB) Planning an accessible expo 2020 wi...

10. New Publication
(Online Publications/Travel & Tourism Magazines)
...est Pacific, and Hawaiian Islands between December 2015 and May 2016, potentially affecting 4.7 million people. While the effect of El Niño in the Pacific Islands receives little global attention,...

... to immerse themselves in the region hosting the event and get intimate knowledge of the land and its people, put to use in situ through the workshop. The meeting’s theme is to be announced in a...

...ia.  “The place where the rivers meet,” Kamloops will offer a beautiful setting for the merging of people and ideas, as we reflect upon the power of caring in tourism higher education.  ... to the global development and overall impact of tourism which has become quite appealing to younger people for pursuing a prospective career. Many researchers notice that existing tour... Alliance (WINTA).  FITO 2015 will be an important forum for bringing together Indigenous peoples with international and regional tourism industry leaders and public agencies, to ena...

15. Invitation for International Cooperation
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization)
... in the suburban eco-complex Mirankul, where you can learn the culture and traditions of Uzbek people, our nature and, of course, taste the flavor and charm of our products and f...

... Tourism in South-East Asia is without doubt an ever-growing sector and income generator for millions of people directly or indirectly involved in the industry (UNWTO, 2013). At the same time it cons...

...eritage attractions for domestic and international visitors. Every year thousands, sometimes millions, of people visit places like Auschwitz, Ground Zero, Hiroshima, Choeung Ek and Gettysburg. Wagenin...

...ith leading edge research and the truth about the impacts of this trend on the countries, companies and people involved in this industry through the Center's websites and papers. Center ...

... These developments are not without impacts and challenges. Hence, visits to heritage places, indigenous peoples and other sites related to traditional and modern cultures have to be managed carefu...

...bility, or rather to how movement is represented and experienced. We recognise it 'as way of addressing people, objects, things and places ... communicating meaning and significance (Adey, 2010,...

... of events management. Events should be much more than the short-term coming together of like-minded people. The world would be socially, culturally and economically poorer without events, and...

22. The Way Home (to our heritage and nature!)
(Video Section/Tourism Videos)
The Way Home: Returning to the National Parks from NPCA on Vimeo. “You shouldn’t have to convince people to go to paradise,” --Shelton Johnson, Ranger, Yosemite National Park Although our na

...t The coast and urban/regional development Coastal events/attractions/accommodations Health and the coast People and the coast Marine Wildlife Tourism Education and Interpretation Marine Protected Are... =============================================================================== People’s mobility today is central in societies and its comprehension is essential to unde... the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) the tourism industry employs approximately 235 million people (8% of the world labour force) and generates over 9% of world GDP. Tourism 2020 Vis...

Places, people, stories 2011 ... an interdisciplinary & international conference. Linnaeus University, Kalmar 28-30 September 2011 This conference investigates the relations between

...still true today as the Caribbean’s variety is still regarded as “…one of its major selling points: its people, who are a mix of races; its different languages; its architecture and fortifications ...

...ssions and workshops. To help democratise the conference and develop synergises a variety of people from around the world have already volunteered to convene a diverse array of themed ...

...e publication in 2010 of a book edited by Neil Carr and Yaniv Poria entitled Sex and the sexual during people’s leisure and tourism experiences.   Consequently, this session aims ...

..., are spaces that construct/produce/reproduce/represent other places and have the propensity to transport people into other worlds. These leisure spaces also draw on and embrace aspects of popular cul...

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