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1. Why is corporate health management so important?
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
...d sick leave absenteeism savings – both found significant ROI in both medical cost savings and absenteeism reduction. Research suggests that behavioral changes can also drive down illness costs,...

...ersity of Modena and Reggio Emilia, M.Th.I., Emilia-Romagna Region) will be entitled of a special reduction of 40% on fees (i.e. 270 Euro)   International Summer Scho...

...ently, to a relatively new idea of tourism as an instrument of social and economic empowerment and poverty reduction. Consequently, there are many regional and local development programmes giving p...

4. Sustainable Development through Tourism (SDT)
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
... Tourism for development and poverty reduction (by Michael Grosspietsch & Katja Scheller) Report of the Eur...

.... Tints are not acceptable. Lettering must be of a reasonable size that would still be clearly legible upon reduction, and consistent within each figure and set of figures. Where a key to symbols is...

...stainable  development’  that  foster  more equitable economic  growth? Can poverty reduction help curb the illicit trafficking of cultural antiquities?  In  w...

...tives that contribute to the role of tourism in sustainable development, peace, reconciliation, and poverty reduction. Goals Provide a Forum for governments, private enterprise, donor ...

8. Barbados: Linking development, indigenous entrepreneurship and Tourism
(Indigenous Tourism/CARIBBEAN ISLANDS - Indigenous Tourism)
...e percent of them felt they needed assistance, primarily the subsidization of operational costs through the reduction of taxes and utility rates, marketing for all hotels, and training for their emp...

9. Global Codes of Ethics for Tourism
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
...nt, avoiding, by the excessive repatriation of their profits or their induced imports, a reduction of their contribution to the economies in which they are esta...

10. 'The Impact of Climate Change on Tourism in Spain';CICERO Working Paper 2007-02
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Climate Change)
... paribus, climate change as forecasted with the Hadley model under the IPCC SRES A1 scenario would lead to a reduction of total annual tourist flow to Spain of 20% in 2080 compared to 2004. The effect...

11. TF & Carbon Offsetting
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
...s to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions from personal air travel. The idea of paying for emission-reductions elsewhere instead of reducing by own actions is also known from the closely rel...

12. Planning for Marine Ecotourism in the EU Atlantic Area - Good Practice Guidance
(Globalization and Tourism Content/Tourism Planning)
...ently, however, many coastal communities have been subject to severe pressure resulting from the progressive reduction in fishing opportunities under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, with the result ...

...ently, however, many coastal communities have been subject to severe pressure resulting from the progressive reduction in fishing opportunities under the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, with the result ...

14. Canada, Kyoto and Economic Collaspe
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...ic Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (AP6), a six-nation coalition focusing on voluntary emission-reduction steps and technology transfers. Environmentalists oppose AP6 out of a fear that i...

15. World needs to axe greenhouse gases by 80 percent
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News), researchers said on Thursday. Even tough long-term curbs foreseen by the EU or California fall short of reductions needed to avert a 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) temperature rise over pre-i...

... discuss how tourism can contribute to local economic development and poverty reduction consider how the environmental ...

17. Comparison of International Climate Policy - Approaches for Post 2012
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Climate Change)
...use gases (GHG). Developing countries (non-Annex I countries) have no such commitments but may host emission reduction projects through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Nevertheless, reaching th... a tool to alleviate poverty and create wealth for the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Poverty reduction and wealth creation are increasingly seen as new paradigms for economic, social,...

19. Baltic Sea gets warmer
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...           to mitigate eutrophication by intensifying the reduction of waterborne and airborne nutrient inputs; -     &nbsp...

20. An economic assessment of the impacts of climate change
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Climate Change News)
...en house gases need to stabilise to 450-550 parts per million carbon dioxide (CO2), which will require a 25% reduction in emissions by 2050. In order to do this Stern estimates that if no action is t...

21. IUCN celebrates International Women's Day
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization- News)
...n opportunity every year to celebrate women?s significant contributions to environmental protection, poverty reduction, and community well being. It is also a day to recognize what still remains to be...

... 500 miles. The resulting impacts of these trends are financial difficulties for airlines and airports and a reduction in the number of options for all travelers. After four years, it appears that w...

...ra festivals and cultural events in policies and programmes to promote community cohesion, crime reduction and anti-racism; Festivals, cultural events and the identities of d...

24. China to Hold Provincial Officials Accountable for Environmental Harm
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
...ts recent Regional Permit Restriction to provinces nationwide in an effort to push them to achieve pollution reduction goalsread more Starting in 2008, China will expand its recent Regional Permit Res...

25. Carbon-Offsetting for Travel
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
Air and auto travel are big contributors to climate change. However, the companies offering these services certainly don’t want to lose any business. There are travel agencies that allow you to

26. District of Squamish Pledges to Go Green
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...hat had ratified it. At that time, Canada was one of the countries that made a commitment to Kyoto emissions reduction targets and timelines. Kyoto is only a beginning. Scientific opinion suggests it ...

27. Global Development Awards 2000 - 2006
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
... India Urban Water Sector Reforms and Poverty Reduction: In Search of Appropriate Institutions - A Case Study of Bangalore City, India M...

28. Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
...roduced by Senator Bernie Sander (I-VT) and Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) that set a long-term emission reduction target aimed at preventing the worst effects of global warming. Global warming i...

29. UN: 2006 Human Development Report
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization- News)
...pportunities and their choices. And water-borne infectious diseases are holding back poverty reduction and economic growth in some of the world’s poorest countries. ...

30. TourBench Info
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
  European Monitor and Benchmarking Initiative for the reduction of Environmental Impacts and Costs in Tourist Accommodations What is TourBench? What are the benefits? B

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