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...Hospitality Industries”. The Silk Road or Silk Route was an ancient network of trade routes that for centuries were central to cultural interaction and economic cooperati...

2. Invitation for International Cooperation
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization)
...mics and Service is the only institute in Uzbekistan preparing students in the field of services (trade, finance & TOURISM). The aim of institute is training high-qualified specialists... position as a gateway between the East and West has made it an attractive centre for international trade.  For more information about the conference venue, programme, transportation, an...

...ment of the tourists in their practices (Internet, social networks, etc.), and an evolution of tourism trades. The development of traveler’s blogs and the emergence of websites which mark or rank ...

...erment of the tourists in their practices (Internet, social networks, etc.), and an evolution of tourism trades. The development of traveler’s blogs and the emergence of websites which mark or rank de...

...p; Terrorism on Environment  Impact/Assessment on/of Export-Import OR regional/international Trade  Adversity behind Integrity of a Nation & Sustainable Development of an E...

7. Haiti - shaken by history and hazards - A viewpoint by Sir Hilary Beckles
(Globalization and Tourism Content/World Heritage)
... the Western world. Haiti was isolated at birth - ostracised and denied access to world trade, finance, and institutional development. It was the most vicious example of national str...

8. The Sustainable Tourism Gateway - Declarations, Charters and Codes
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
... Sustainable Development Seventh Session (April 1999) - The Global Importance of Tourism - Workers and Trade Unions in the Web of Tourism - Sustainable Tourism: A Local Authority Perspective - Sus...

9. Sustainable Development through Tourism (SDT)
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
... Tourism and Fair Trade (by Michael Grosspietsch) Working Paper 1 (2005) ...

...c urban areas Protection of intangible heritage and transmission of language, skills and trades Visitor management frameworks and measures ensuring more effective urban heri...

11. OECD Policy Brief: Key for Tourism Growth
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization)
OECD Policy Brief: Opening up Trade in Services - Key for Tourism Growth Tourism is one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing industries and its importance for economic development is widely ack

12. WEF: Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2007
(World: Tourism Strategies/World / United Nations)
...nternational Air Transport Association (IATA), the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the World Trade Organization (WTO), the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) as well as sur...

...s that: 'If the past is a foreign country, nostalgia has made it the foreign country with the healthiest trade of all'. Heritage is valuable, not merely in social, emotional, aesthetic and historic te...

14. C. S.T. - Certification in Sustainable Tourism Program [Costa Rica]
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
... Registered Trademark, Licence No 54321 The C.S.T. webs...

15. AUS: Who Are Aboriginal Tourism’s Visitors? (Paper)
(Indigenous Tourism/AUSTRALIA & OCEANIA - Indigenous Tourism)
{wrap url="$file/Abo_Tourism_Visitors.pdf" width="100%" height="1500"}

16. AUS: Who Are Aboriginal Tourism’s Visitors? (Paper)
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
{wrap url="$file/Abo_Tourism_Visitors.pdf" width="100%" height="1500"}

17. Barbados: Linking development, indigenous entrepreneurship and Tourism
(Indigenous Tourism/CARIBBEAN ISLANDS - Indigenous Tourism)
...lanters, the merchant classes, as well as Indians, Chinese, and Syrians controlled most of the economic trade in Trinidad and Tobago. People of African descent dominated the public sector (Ryan and...

(Indigenous Tourism/AMERICA (Latin) - Indegenous Tourism)

20. CAN: Aboriginal Tourism Business
(Indigenous Tourism/AMERICA (North) - Indigenous Tourism)

21. Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa
(Indigenous Tourism/AFRICA - Indigenous Tourism)

22. Indigenous Tourism Rights International: “Rethinking Tourism Certification”
(Indigenous Tourism/Global Indigenous Tourism Information)
...sis of Current Tourism Certification Models - a discussion of current certification (ecotourism, fair trade) and the pros and cons of these programs in Indigenous communities; (2) Indigenous To...

23. Sustainable Tourism: Declarations, Charters and Codes
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
...Sustainable Tourism segment, April 1999 The Global Importance of Tourism (68KB PDF) Workers and Trade Unions in the Web of Tourism (74KB PDF) Sustainable Tourism: A Local Authority Perspectiv...

24. U.S. Airlines Under Pressure To Fly Greener
(TF: Airlines & Airports/Airline Management)
...l warming. But a dispute over a European emissions-trading proposal has caught many carriers and their trade groups by surprise, spurring them to launch a public relations blitz highlighting their ...

25. AIRLINES of the World [List]
(TF: Airlines & Airports/Airline Management)
...Thai Airways International Titan Airways TNT Airways Tol-Air Top Air TOTAL Linhas Aereas Tourjets Trade Air Tradewinds Airlines Trans Maldivian Airways Trans States Airlines Trans Travel...

26. Global Codes of Ethics for Tourism
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
...icially imposed on the host communities; in exchange for their freedom to invest and trade which should be fully recognized, they should involve themselves ...

27. TF & Carbon Offsetting
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism) ^ Carbon Emissions Offset Directory. EcoBusinessLinks (2007). ^ "The trade in carbon offsets is an excuse for business as usual" by George Monbiot, The Guardian, O...

28. OECD - Tourism [Documents]
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
... Ireland is one of the most open economies in Europe. International trade is the life-blood of its prosperity. It has come through the recent international econo...

29. AQEP - Air Quality Expert Group Report
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Climate Change)
...identifies synergies, where measures to improve air quality can help to ameliorate climate change, and trade-offs where policy measures in the two areas act in opposition Report su...

30. FDA extends deadline for public comment on unlabeled cloned food
(Tourism & Environment/Sustainable Tourism News)
... is through the Center for Food Safety?s website at this link. Background In March, a number of food trade and consumer groups sent a letter to the FDA calling for the extension, which stated it i...

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