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2. Global Tourism and Market-Driven Management
(Online Publications/Travel & Tourism Magazines)
... Managing Heritage Site Interpretation for Older Adult Visitors Marie Avellino Stewart ...

...continue to generate more international arrivals into Asia Pacific, increasing its count from 355 million visitors in 2015 to around 448 million by the end of this decade. That will see the Asian ...

... ATLAS Annual Conference Website 26-30 Sep 8th Conference on Monitoring and Management of Visitors in Recreation and Protected Areas (MMV) – Novi Sad, Serbia Website 27-30...

...w wine and food have been used in a range of national and international cases as a mechanism to attract visitors specifically from China.   Symposium Details ...

...nd seeking emancipation, liberation or moksha (release from the world) and, on the other hand, non-Indian visitors from across the globe seeking heightened awareness, wisdom and even enlightenme...

...all businesses and NGOs trying to stay afloat while offering wildlife experiences and interpretation to visitors? Remember the above is tentative, and could be subject to change in coming months...

...ting strategies linking tourism heritage, food and drink trails, and other rural attractions with urban visitors, is on the rise (Rogerson, 2007). Purpose and Scope The purpose of this ...

...r floating categories: secondary residents, boaters, day trippers, etc. So, when we analyse the number of visitors in a touristic location, it is often difficult to distinguish between tourists ...

... or floating categories: secondary residents, boaters, day trippers, etc. So, when we analyse the number of visitors in a touristic location, it is often difficult to distinguish between tourists stri...

2014 Conference: Travel and Tourism Research Association, Asia Pacific Chapter: TTRA APac http://www.ttra.com/chapters/asia-pacific-chapter/ Making it Count: Travel and Tourism Research in the Asia-

... as part of collective memory, pedagogy and/or as local heritage attractions for domestic and international visitors. Every year thousands, sometimes millions, of people visit places like Auschwitz, G...

...rsity of Georgia. Chartered in 1785, the University of Georgia serves as the main attraction for many visitors to the small town of Athens. However, after a short time spent in “The Classic C...

...rld Heritage Takayuki Arima (Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan) Gender, still a power issue for use of public space by visitors and tourists? Dominique Vanneste (Heverlee, Leuven, Belgium) How to make a successf...

15. The Way Home (to our heritage and nature!)
(Video Section/Tourism Videos)
...group whose members are looking to reverse that trend. Learn more about efforts to bring more diverse visitors to the parks at http://www.npca.org/news/magazine/all-issues/2010/summer/expanding-...

... the recently landscaped area. A Coruña’s large aquarium can be found here and remains very popular with visitors to the region. Santiago de Compostela Futher inland, the historic town of Santi...

...s (symbiosis between nature and technology) will trigger a radical change in the way persons en route, “visitors” in operative terms, interact with their environment. In the near future most...

...ether such stories are historically accurate, purposefully invented or created entirely in residents’ or visitors’ minds is however less important than their potential to touch human beings. ...

...;    Risk management in geotourism ·        What do visitors expect from a geoscape or a geosite? ·      &nbsp...

...ic growth of destinations, but also for the enrichment and construction of more meaningful experiences for visitors themselves. The session will give the opportunity to academics, practitioners, po...

...ict, one of England’s most enduringly popular rural tourism destinations amongst domestic and international visitors alike, we would particularly welcome papers that, from an empirical or conceptual b...

...ot yet been finalised, however in order to encourage new and developing scholars as well as international visitors, costs will be kept to a minimum with a range of accommodation options provided (h...

...ins in particular ways historical awareness and heritage; meets issues of equality and social justice when visitors see and/or influence local social relationships; generates income with a possibili...

...ef to an economy that has been dealt a severe blow by the airport's closure, but at least 100,000 foreign visitors have been unable to leave. Shortly after the constitutional court's ruling o...

...Claus, and an industry that continuously tries to improve the variety of experience-scapes encountered by visitors. Even more importantly, perhaps, all of the Nordic countries have rural areas, for...

...enerally and their contribution to the destination experience more specifically via their interaction with visitors. The final theme, that of Experiences, seeks to develop further the concept of t...

27. Favela Tourism in Brasil
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)

...ling University in Scotland. Useful information   Getting to Bristol: http://www.uwe.ac.uk/visitors/gettingtobristol.shtml  and http://visitbristol.co.uk/site/travel/getting-to...

29. AUS: Who Are Aboriginal Tourism’s Visitors? (Paper)
(Indigenous Tourism/AUSTRALIA & OCEANIA - Indigenous Tourism)
{wrap url="http://www.aboriginaltrade.ca/vDownload/tourism/$file/Abo_Tourism_Visitors.pdf" width="100%" height="1500"}

30. AUS: Who Are Aboriginal Tourism’s Visitors? (Paper)
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
{wrap url="http://www.aboriginaltrade.ca/vDownload/tourism/$file/Abo_Tourism_Visitors.pdf" width="100%" height="1500"}

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