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...governmental and non-governmental natural resource managers, stakeholder groups, especially land and water users/land owners, and other practitioners in the field. It wants to attract enthusiast...

...         ‘Large-scale’ materialities of travel (infrastructures, water, etc.) -          Politics and power-relatio...

3. New Publication
(Online Publications/Travel & Tourism Magazines)
...vere, particularly among vulnerable island populations. Prolonged drought can compromise not only freshwater supplies and food security, but can also have cascading impacts on public health, eco...

...e same time Dr. Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian constitution, emphasized in his march to fresh water sources how political freedom had no value for the lower castes if they were to be soci...

...ers in C(S)R C(S)R and environmental responsibilities (eg., climate change, biodiversity conservation, water resources) C(S)R and social responsibilities (eg., human rights, working conditions, div...

... Thompson Rivers University Lisa Cooke, Thompson Rivers University Bryan Grimwood, University of Waterloo David Hill, Thompson Rivers University TEFI Chair: Dianne Dredge, Aalborg Univer...

...pu we travel to the island of Miyajima, which is famous for its red shrine gate almost floating on the water. Staying overnight in a Japanese style ryokan will allow us to walk through town in the...

...oating andMarinas Marine Tourism and Transport Coastal Tourism Resort Tourism Island Tourism Underwater Archaeology Marine Ecotourism Marine Recreation/Water Sports Lighthouse Tourism Beach Saf..., and is perhaps most famous for it’s excellent fish and seafood. A new promenade frames the waterfront, extending the length of the city and linking its many attractions, shopping are...

10. Haiti - shaken by history and hazards - A viewpoint by Sir Hilary Beckles
(Globalization and Tourism Content/World Heritage)
... fathers therefore could not see beyond race, as the free state was built on a slavery foundation. The water was poisoned in the well; the Americans went back to the battlefield a century later to ...

11. Italy ship thwarts pirate attack, BBC News, 2009-04-26
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Natural Hazards)
...presence of around 20 foreign naval vessels in the area.International warships have been patrolling the waters off Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden in recent months as part of an effort to counter p...

...ourism in the sea cities Seaside resorts Sustainable tourism in coastal territories Water tourism and infrastructure Seaside tourism management and administration Se...

...Villages" a nature reserve in northern Sichuan province of China. It is known for its many multi-level waterfalls and colorful lakes, and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992. It be...

12th Canadian Congress on Leisure Research (CCLR 12) Applied Human Sciences (AHSC) Concordia University Montreal, Quebec, CanadaMay 13-16, 2008 On behalf of The Canadian Associatio

... information Leontine Onderwater Jantien Veldman ATLAS Travit - POBox 3042 6802 DA Arnhem ...

18. Indigenous Tourism Rights International: “Rethinking Tourism Certification”
(Indigenous Tourism/Global Indigenous Tourism Information)
... the relevance of certification in circumstances where communities lack access to basics such as clean water, electricity, education, land rights and cultural recognition. Expanding on the definit...

19. Tourist Ship accident in the Arctic: Did ship sail too close to glacier?
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization- News)
... the glacier calved off," the statement said. "We understand that some of the smaller pieces of ice and water were washed onto the ship's deck and some of our passengers were injured. "Seven of o...

20. Greenbox May Be Able to Clean Car Exhaust
(Tourism & Environment/Environmental Newsfeeds)
...ted a “Greenbox” that can clean exhaust from even the dirtiest of engines and turn it into almost pure water vapor. The seemingly magical box converts the captured gases into a biofuel by feeding i...

21. The Berlin Declaration on ... Sustainable Tourism
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
...of wildlife viewing. Tourism activities which use environmentally sound technologies for saving water and energy, prevent pollution, treat waste water, avoid the production of solid waste an...

22. Global Codes of Ethics for Tourism
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism)
... development that are conducive to saving rare and precious resources, in particular water and energy, as well as avoiding so far as possible waste production, ...

23. Scientists Seek Clues To Better Weather Forecasting
(Tourism - Hazards, Desasters and Risks/Tourism and Climate Change)
...OULDER-From April 22 to May 22, low-flying planes and an array of new surface gauges in the Walnut River watershed east of Wichita, Kansas, are gathering data from the lowest few thousand feet of the ...

... • Climotherapy and health tourism • Thalassotherapy (sea water and ocean climates for health purposes) • Impacts of clim...

25. Australian Heritage Council - Online Documents
(Online Publications/Research Papers [downloadable])
...ear term. In May 2007 a newly constituted Council was appointed by the Minister for the Environment and Water Resources. News and information Publications Australian Heritage Council - Period...

26. TF & Carbon Offsetting
(Tourism & Environment/TF: Sustainable Tourism) Climate impacts Trees sequester carbon through photosynthesis, converting carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and plant matter. Hence, forests that grow in area or density will reduce at...

...perience different forms of wellness tourism. This ranges from the immersion of the body in the healing waters of a spa to the quest for spiritual enlightenment in an ashram, or even cosmetic enhanc...

28. Yangtze?s Decline Highlights China?s Growing Water Problems
(Globalization and Tourism Content/WorldWatch - News)
China is home to three of the top ten ?rivers at risk? worldwide, according to a report released in March by the conservation group WWF. read more China is home to three of the top ten ?rivers at ris

29. Alcatraz Night-time Tours : A Big Attraction
(Globalization and Tourism Content/TF: Globalization- News)
...ngerous individuals who were separated from society by Alcatraz's walls and the freezing, shark-infested waters. Nowadays, San Francisco tour operators aim to offer an insight into Alcatraz's chilling...

Once the focus of considerable skepticism, both climate change and the concept of environmental security have moved squarely into the mainstream. read more Once the focus of considerable skepticism, b

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